Limited list of services that Integrated Quality Networks has to offer

Network Operating Systems

We offer total solutions based on different platforms,
VMWare, Linux (Suse, Red Hat and Debian/Ubuntu), Microsoft

Network Security

Cisco ASA, Checkpoint, Juniper firewalls based security
e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam appliances
Wireless Security Auditing services
Intrusion detection and prevention

Network Design and Monitoring

We design and implement network topologies up to Layer 7,
based on high level Cisco routers and switches.

Monitoring of the most complex networks can be achieved by our services,
this on a 24x7 basis.

Server and desktop virtualization and consolidation

Based on VMWare, we migrate any possible physical servers or desktops to virtual machines. Use of blade centers, central SAN, iSCSI, FCoE and NAS give our customers the possibility to reduce the number of their physical servers and workstations. This means lower Capex and Opex of operations and less energy requirements.

Remote Access and VPN solutions

VPN/SSL VPN appliances of different brands
Authentication/Authorization/Accounting based on tokens by Vasco
RADIUS and TACACS+ implementations

Internet connectivity

Proxy caching with Blue Coat, Squid and others
Content Management and Load Balancing design
Citrix Access Partner

e-Mail and groupware

Microsoft Exchange
Postfix, Sendmail (Linux based)